I know how long you have
been waiting to be received.

I have heard the desperate cries
from the little-boy-of-you –

The one who wants to be held
in ways he’s never
truly been held.

I’ve felt the pain projected
from the adolescent-of-you –

The one who believes that
you have to test love by
being unkind to the ones
who say they love you.

I’ve seen the fear,
and sometimes the rage,
in the young-man-of-you –

The one you self-sent to war,
hoping that embattlement
would make you a Hero.


This poem…

This poem,
is an invitation that I’m writing
to the initiated-adult-of-you –


The one who understands that

vulnerability and courage
can reside in the same body,

And that these are the gateways
to intimate communion
with the Sacred Other.

The one who knows he’s tended,
always and forever,
by the Great Mother,

And who has come to his knees
in humble gratitude and
reciprocal offering for the
nourishing milk of Life that he
has received daily from Her supple teats.

The one who has learned
the difference between the
ego’s encampment of the Hero
and the hero’s journey of the Soul,

And who has chosen to no
longer believe in enemies,

but who actively fosters extended families
of Sisters and Brothers
among the two-leggeds, four-leggeds,
feathered, finned, and furred,

and who embraces each being
from the empowering surrender-stance
of the heart-warrior.


I’m wondering if you can hear
these words in the

Wail of the full moon’s light
or the song of the sky-breaching whale,

or the warble of the dawn-painting thrush,

or the woman-of-you who you
may still be denying knowing,

or the one whose voice you’ve heard
a thousand times,
but never really listened to,

or the one who you have yet to believe in
because you’re still not fully
convinced that the Sacred Feminine
can show up in human form,

or that you are worthy of her affections.

My love,

I’m talking about
these words,
the ones that say with
open and iridescent sincerity:

“I am longing to receive you.”

Should I repeat them?

These words:

“I am longing to receive you.”

You see,

I know of the great aching
that stretches across this lush,
yet lamenting world of holy desire.

Can’t you hear the evocative voices in the
swale of the moist wind and the
surge of the wave as it rises
and reaches out for something
to take hold of?

She wants you.

In the swaying of long meadow grasses,

In the rippling of the mountain stream
around an imperfect mossy stone,

In the releasing of perfume from every
splayed blossom,

she is speaking to you.

She wants you.

You See:

This poem…

This poem,
is an invitation that I have written
to the Sacred Masculine-of-you –

It’s an invitation to fully show up.

It’s an invitation to be fully received.

It’s an invitation to manifest,
in co-creative union,
within me.

© 2012-2013/Jamie K. Reaser
From “Re-Union: Coming Home to Each Other (a work in progress)